Data, Resources, and Tools

Following the principles of open access research, we share the tools and data we've used to construct our arguments with other scholars. All of the resources in this section are free and open source.



Textual Analysis


  • Timeline of Rough Riders Press Coverage: an MIT Simile time-based map of events to gain a point of access to query and interact with coverage of public rhetoric that demonstrates the evolution of the Congress of Rough Riders and associated manly ideology.


  • Rough Riders Promotional Posters: the visual elements of the posters develop an understanding of international manhood as comprising the elements of bravery, athleticism, skill, and fearlessness. The posters, in their visual representations and written captions, also highlight differences between the delegates of Rough Riders, particularly in comparison to the American cowboys.
  • Show Indian Promotional Posters: the visual elements of the posters shaped ideas about Native Americans and drew from a common well of publicly-held perceptions about Indians.